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A Tour of the Town of Samokov

A Tour of the Town of Samokov

Samokov is a magical place known as the White Gate of Rila. There are four notable cultural sites in the town of Samokovincluding a church, a monastery, a mosque and a museum. They testify to the rich history, cultural memory and the traditions of the city. This tour includes these landmarks, combined with a visit to an authentic pottery workshop, including an interesting walk around the region. Explore the Samokov Historical Museum, founded in 1930 which is part of the top 100 National Sites of Bulgaria,where you can see an exhibition, which presents materials and documents relating to the history of the region including iron production. You can also see embroideries  coin collections and old-fashioned books from the Samokov region.


Duration: ½ day with light walking

Price: 1-3 people 63 BGN, price for 4-6 people 18 BGN per person (including transport, qualified guide and insurance)


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