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Excursion to Bansko

Excursion to Bansko

Departure from Borovets with a transport to Bansko, this famous winter resort attracts tourists with its rich history. You will find the houses of Neofit Rilski and the poet Nikola Vaptsarov.

The Church “Sveta Troica” and the exhibition dedicated to Paisii Hilendarski.

In the afternoon - a visit to Dobarsko, a small village situated at the foot of the Rila Mountains. It became popular with the religous fresco murals,St. Teodor Tiron and St. Theodor Stratilat , where  you can see more than 30 images of female saints not found in other Christian temples.


Duration: All day with light walking

Price: 1-3 people 250 lv., Price for 4-6 people 330 lv (including transport, qualified driver and insurance)


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