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The Musala Wreath

The Musala Wreath

Using the Gondola Lift to Yastrebets peak. Afterwards, the upper station of the Markudzhik 3 ski lane goes down a narrow mountain trail, along the ridge of the mountain, reaching Mount Aleko, after that Mount Bezimennia  and finally Musala . After a break we will continue to the Trionite  peak, Malka Musala peak, Irechek peak, Deno peak, Shater peak and Sitnyakovo peak. The return to Borovets is with the Sitnyakovo Express four-seat lift.

Duration: All day long with advanced hiking – for experienced travellers.

Price: 1-3 people 115 BGN, price ofr more than 3 people 38 BGN per person (including Mountain guide, lift ticket and insurance)

  • Note: Bookings required every day except Mondays and Tuesdays.

** Note: A dry package is included in the price

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